Bloggy Bloggy :3 ; Wannabe MMORPG'S

2008-12-18 16:45:14 by LakeWonder

so lately i've noticed these crappy MMORPG's in the advertisement on the top of newgrounds it's a new one every week. Someone has to blog about it~! :s They Have no class except for Oh we offer Wizard,Warrior,Ranger and some of them don't even have the decency to actually make an Sort of AV designs but just have a word game where you pick what you want to do >:(

the insanity Must Stop Before it's too late.......... Do you think newgrounds is becoming clusterfucked with crappy advertisements? Leave your comments Below To let It snow :o i mean to let Everyone know :3

Bloggy Bloggy :3 ; Wannabe MMORPG'S


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2008-12-18 16:50:58

stop the shit, stop the ad nazi, newgrounds can stand on its own and tom knows it.


2008-12-18 16:58:42

I feel that Newgrounds is getting "Clusterfucked" by this Tablet giveaway, There's not actually NEWS anymore :(

Though I never play any of these Crap MMO's anyway so there just like normal adverts to me.

LakeWonder responds:

-.- Well then, How rude. eventually when this place is a spam site because of all the crappy flash stored and all the advertisements and audios you will get disgusted with it. (not anytime soon)


2008-12-18 18:27:09

They are real Massively Multiplayer Online Games, right? Many people on can play them, they are online and they are games therefore they are MMORPGS


2008-12-18 18:34:17

It doesn't matter if the games suck, these advertisments bring in major money to Newgrounds.


2008-12-19 02:49:27

most of the ads do suck i won't deny that but the only real revenue is from toms games (and the ads) and teh amount of money given out each year is around 50,000 just on contests. the fact of teh mater is that the ads won't go away so just ignore them.(like every one else....)


2008-12-25 07:48:21

As long as getting adds, I don't see the problem. The diary of the dead and guitar hero adverts where annoying because they droped down to cover the whole screen. The mmo's don't do that.


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