If you could be a Cat.

2009-02-11 17:14:37 by LakeWonder

Would you want people praising and fancying over you? It seems unintelligent to like cats as more than a hobby.

Question: If you could be a Cat, What flavor would you be?

**Any non-chocolate answers will not be counted**

Anyway, on about the cats at this site they worship cats >:D
No not really, but they fancy them a little too much. I think people who do this are just as bad as people who like things that rotate. You see when someone likes something that rotates they usually don't go to church or their temple that often, then they go eat a chip like it's nothing. When you bake a chip it is really hard to make the potato ones, a scientist found out how to make them by cutting a potato slice too thin and finding it became crispy when he baked it. ... hmm how did we stray away from the subject?

Well anyway.... Dogs are better

** and for those of you that said pets dont bring the bacon home.. i beg to differ.**

If you could be a Cat.


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